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Like I mentioned before, running small businesses requires doing lots of little things. This past week, it was the entirely pleasurable task of packing and mailing stickers out to people who won a promotion that we ran on Twitter (@quietspec). Folding fliers I printed up, addressing envelopes, taking it to the post office, et cetera.

Buying postage on the company account meant cataloging the receipt and accounting for the expense on our ledgers, which I run. I don't have an accounting background to speak of, so it is a bit of a learning experience. My law classes, especially Income Tax, prepared me for keeping and recording everything that comes in, so that's playing to a strength.

Mirrodin Beseiged is coming up, which signals a busy season for QS as we get many new readers looking for trading guides. We want to cover the hell out of Beseiged without making you feel overwhelmed by it. We are also dearly looking for people who want to write about MTGO trading. If you or someone you know can do that, hit us up.

Douglas Linn

Doug Linn has been playing Magic since 1996 and has had a keen interest in Legacy and Modern. By keeping up closely with emerging trends in the field, Doug is able to predict what cards to buy and when to sell them for a substantial profit. Since the Eternal market follows a routine boom-bust cycle, the time to buy and sell short-term speculative investments is often a narrow window. Because Eternal cards often spike in value once people know why they are good, it is essential for a trader to be connected to the format to get great buys before anyone else. Outside of Magic, Doug is an attorney in the state of Ohio.  Doug is a founding member of Quiet Speculation, and brings with him a tremendous amount of business savvy.

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