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Just a couple of quick updates today. First of all, Editions and Lists had been loading really slowly.  We spent some time looking into the architecture that processes List & Editions prices, and found a few places we could make some serious performance tweaks.   After making those adjustments, I think its safe to say that your […]

First of all, thanks to all our users for the overwhelmingly positive response to our site’s re-launch.  As always, we have been very vocal about soliciting feedback, and our users have returned the favor.  We spent some time over the weekend collecting this feedback and implementing it.  We understand that transitioning to new software is […]

You might have noticed a few changes around here lately.  And by lately, I mean about 10 minutes ago.  You might also have noticed that there hadn’t been many changes around here lately;  I’ll be the first to admit that our old theme looked a bit dated, and it was long overdue for a face lift. […]

Kelly and I were reflecting the other day on what we’ve learned in the 5+ months that QS has been up and running with Insider. We had some snags (terrible page load times) and some victories (lots of great authors) and it seems like the site has been up forever! We have some great projects in the work that anyone can benefit from. Our writers have been assembling the Prediction Tracker, a powerful spreadsheet that our Insiders are going to love checking daily. Kelly has been learning and practicing more database coding and though I don’t understand a tenth of what he’s up to, I know it’ll be a big benefit to our subscribers. On my front, I’m finalizing a free, periodical newsletter for all of our readers; expect a dedicated post about it in the future.

EDIT: be sure to read the comments below; much of this information has changed today. We recently put up Steve Menendian’s set review for sale on the publishing side of our site. I’ve gotten a few comments and questions about why we are selling it instead of giving it away, and what we can do […]

Like I mentioned before, running small businesses requires doing lots of little things. This past week, it was the entirely pleasurable task of packing and mailing stickers out to people who won a promotion that we ran on Twitter (@quietspec). Folding fliers I printed up, addressing envelopes, taking it to the post office, et cetera. […]

We excitedly launched our Insider service this week, which we have been planning to do for probably near on seven months. Kelly and I decided that this was the right course awhile back. First, our server is expensive. Our WordPress plugins are expensive. We want to provide the coolest site to people that we can. […]

Just about the first thing you hear about running a business is that it is a lot of little cleanup work. Kelly and I have streamlined a lot of QS so that things generally handle themselves and our writers and editors have the autonomy to tackle challenges. We are blessed with motivated and intelligent people […]

We just got QS stickers in the mail today: And I am really excited about them! They represent one of our first forays into paid advertising. I am planning a more legit post with an actual give-away in it, but know now that we will be handing out a lot of these to our fans. […]

Several of our readers have asked why Understanding Gush lacks card images. Having just completed a law course on the subject, I’ll tell you the answer is “copyright infringement.” The Fair Use doctrine is unlikely to cover our use, and I don’t want QS to be sued out of existence! We are currently seeking licenses […]

Hi, and welcome to the Biz Blog. It’s a part of the site we set up so I could talk about the particulars of running QS as a business. I enjoy talking business strategy and development and entrepreneurship is thrilling. This is mainly a little outlet for some thoughts I have about the site, and […]

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