Trader Tools Dev Blog: No More “Sorcery Speed”

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Just a couple of quick updates today.

First of all, Editions and Lists had been loading really slowly.  We spent some time looking into the architecture that processes List & Editions prices, and found a few places we could make some serious performance tweaks.   After making those adjustments, I think its safe to say that your lists will load at least 5 times faster, maybe even more.  Trader Tools was previously choking on lists over a few thousand cards, but with these performance enhancements, larger lists should be accommodated without any trouble.

Second, a few users reported that the multi-edition search page could be easier to navigate, especially on smaller screens.  I can confirm, after using it on my Note 4, that they are correct.  So, we built a new one.  You can be the judge as to whether you prefer one or the other, but let us know either way.

Now the list of editions are sortable and filterable.  You can filter by year or name to easily find the sets you want to see.

magic the gathering set prices


Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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