Just a couple of quick updates today. First of all, Editions and Lists had been loading really slowly.  We spent some time looking into the architecture that processes List & Editions prices, and found a few places we could make some serious performance tweaks.   After making those adjustments, I think its safe to say that your […]

First of all, thanks to all our users for the overwhelmingly positive response to our site’s re-launch.  As always, we have been very vocal about soliciting feedback, and our users have returned the favor.  We spent some time over the weekend collecting this feedback and implementing it.  We understand that transitioning to new software is […]

Today’s update polished the UI of the Expansion Set feature a great deal.  Users are now only shown the top price for each card, and a summary of the buy/sell spread at the bottom of the list.! Extensive sorting abilities will be added soon, the library we are using to enable dynamic table sorting is […]

My friend Zack noticed something “interesting” about TT’s autocomplete function today. I think his words were, “Does this prioritize cards in Standard?” or something like that. In a sense, yes. A good search function should be able to predict what you’re looking for and deliver the most relevant results. Towards that end, the first optimization […]

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