Developer’s Blog: August 1st Update!

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Trader Tools now allows Importing Lists

This is a feature we've been asked for over and over again, and it's finally here!  We launched the first version of it today.  Just follow the basic steps to copy-and-paste directly from a spreadsheet and you'll be able to dump your lists right into Trader Tools.

From This... this... this!

Try It Now and Report Any Issues in the forums.

This is our first release of the importer so there might be bugs.  We'll fix them as quickly as we hear about them.


A bug that caused Mythic MTG to drop out of Trader Tools was fixed

With my apologies to Marc from MythicMTC and our users.  Sometimes our links between vendors fail for various reasons, but we got this one back up.



Cape Fear Games has been temporarily removed from our system.

They made some significant changes to how they present their data, and we're working on getting a better link between them built already.  They'll be back!


Fixed a bug in the Forums that was causing it to load REALLY slowly.

After much hunting in the code, I found a forums plugin that hadn't uninstalled correctly.  This meant our forums were trying to load files that didn't exist, and in the process, delaying the rest of the page from loading.  The forums should be blazingly fast again.

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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