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Kelly and I were reflecting the other day on what we've learned in the 5+ months that QS has been up and running with Insider. We had some snags (terrible page load times) and some victories (lots of great authors) and it seems like the site has been up forever!

We have some great projects in the work that anyone can benefit from. Our writers have been assembling the Prediction Tracker, a powerful spreadsheet that our Insiders are going to love checking daily. Kelly has been learning and practicing more database coding and though I don't understand a tenth of what he's up to, I know it'll be a big benefit to our subscribers. On my front, I'm finalizing a free, periodical newsletter for all of our readers; expect a dedicated post about it in the future.

You might have noticed that our EDH section has a daily article; to my knowledge, we are the only site online that has new EDH content every day, and I'd welcome suggestions for how to let folks know about it. We are also gearing up our Legacy coverage with our new and very sharp editor, Tyler Tyssedal. I'm working with Tyler this weekend to get you some live coverage of the GP, which helps the competitive player who reads, as well as the trader who wants the tips. If we see any breakout cards, you'll be sure that Insiders will get an email, too!

After a lot of hardship with our publisher, the Understanding Gush paperbacks shipped recently. I had them printed up once before, but half the pictures were missing and the other half were too dark to read. This was even after I had a proof copy made. The unfortunately-long timeline of publishing makes it unlikely that QS will be offering physical books for sale again, but we still have several copies of Understanding Gush that Steve maniacally signed. If you'd like one, head on over to the ebooks page!

Kelly is also learning more about trading on MTGO and we'll be launching some content on that. I have no idea about MTGO trading or playing, so I don't want to risk someone's money for nothing!

We have also printed up more stickers and Kelly has a great line on t-shirts that we'll be giving away (as in, you don't have to pay to wear our logo, bro!). I have no idea what size the average Magic player is (I am x-small sizing for a hipstar wardrobe) so we'll be asking our fans what size they'd wear. I really like having shirts and stickers to give out because it gives us more contact with our fans.

Douglas Linn

Doug Linn has been playing Magic since 1996 and has had a keen interest in Legacy and Modern. By keeping up closely with emerging trends in the field, Doug is able to predict what cards to buy and when to sell them for a substantial profit. Since the Eternal market follows a routine boom-bust cycle, the time to buy and sell short-term speculative investments is often a narrow window. Because Eternal cards often spike in value once people know why they are good, it is essential for a trader to be connected to the format to get great buys before anyone else. Outside of Magic, Doug is an attorney in the state of Ohio.  Doug is a founding member of Quiet Speculation, and brings with him a tremendous amount of business savvy.

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One thought on “Five Months In…

  1. Look forward to the stickers and tees. Loving the new prediction tracker and all the juicy legacy content. My tee size is XL if it matters any :). A side note: I really enjoy when you write about Legacy. It’s very apparent your understanding of the format coupled with financial advice makes for great picks and an enjoyable read. Keep up the good work Doug and the rest of QS team.

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