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Lets see whats been moving in the finance world the past week, and see if we can't figure out why. The first number under the card is the current Star City Games pre-order price, and any changes to it over the past week. In the piece about each card is the online shop I was able to find the best price at.

Chandra's Phoenix

Up $1 on pre-orders to $3.99.

Seems red players are starting to take more interest in this card. I've heard some whispers about it through twitter, but everyone is keeping quiet about it, which usually means it's a half decent card and no one wants to give away their "secret tech". It's worth picking a few up. Hobby Goblins, Strike Zone Online, and 3rd Coast Cards all have them for $2.25 or less. Being the buy a box promo will keep it's price from going up too dramatically, but its very worth trading for those from people if you see them.

Chandra, the Firebrand

Up $10 to $39.99.

Another red card that rose up in the past week, but it's also a planeswalker. We've seen the same thing happen to most planeswalker cards since Worldwake, so it's not surprising. I don't see her maintaining a $40 price tag for much longer than two weeks after the release events, and if a deck doesn't pick her up as a staple card soon after, her price will tank. I stand by picking her up at $10 still, and no more than $12 in trade value. Sadly, all the shops are following the path of Star City Games, and no shop has her at a price worth mentioning.

Dungrove Elder

Holding steady at $2.99.

I mention this card because its worth watching. It could be used as a large beater for Elves in the late game, and with Hexproof and the land-to-size ratio, it will always be popular with the casual crowds. You should be able to see $5 in trade value for this guy when trading him away easily, anything less isn't worth your time. I've ordered a set from The Mana Crypt for $1.69, and I think that anything under $2 is a great price for the time being.


Holding stead at $3.99

Another card worth watching, it brings itself up with a lot of possibilities. I could see him being used in control decks that splash green. This is one of the few cards that has its pre-order price above $3 across the board, and if you can find him for under $3 each, I would consider it a steal. Grab these up as you see them, a lot of people really under value him.

Phantasmal Image

Holding steady at $2.99

This is one of the better cards in blue, and another that many people undervalue. Premier Magic has them for only $1.77 each, and a number of other stores have him for under $2 each. While he suffers from "dies to a target" clause, some decks just don't have an efficient way to deal with him and all of the other threats. I consider them a safe buy at $2 and under, simply because he has an effect that casual players will love, and you should be able to get $3-$4 in value from him.

Quicksilver Amulet

Holding steady at $2.99

Anyone remeber Elvish Piper, and how it still commands a high price tag today because of EDH, and other casual formats? A slightly slower Elvish piper that any deck can use will end up seeing a price higher than $2.99 in the end. It also has the "not a creature" aspect going for it, already making it harder to deal with. The Mana Crypt has them for $1.44 each, and CFB has them for $1.49. I've ordered two sets of them for myself.

Sphinx of Uthuun

Holding steady at $1.49

Matchplay and The Mana Crypt are both selling these for $0.38 each. At that price, its worth stocking up on a few sets, since its under $2.00 a set. It's got enough defense to survive Dismember, and a Fact of Fiction effect is always awesome. His cost will make it difficult for him to see a lot of play, but even if there is a short demand spike you can make some profit from selling them.

Vengeful Pharaoh

Holding steady at $1.99

I feel this is one of a few "planted" cards for the next set, and while $1.99 isn't a bad price for him, you can pick them up for $1.08 or less from The MTG Place, Undercity Comics, and The Mana Crypt. I see a lot of potential for this card, since its graveyard effect triggers on you or planeswalkers. If only there were some Looter effects, or some way to draw cards and then put them back into the yard for some kind of gain.

Frost Titan

Currently at $4.99.

Six months ago, we would have told you to buy Frosty for $5 and laugh all the way to the bank. I still think it's the case, only you'll be putting less money in the bank when you get there. He's still good, he still does his job, and control decks are still possible. Alter Reality Games, Matchplay, CFB, and Old School Gaming all have him listed at under $4, if not much under. For that matter, you can actually buy M11 ones closer to $3 now from most of the stores listed in this article. Remember that the format will shift, and if slow decks see play, Frost Titan will be useful once again.

Angelic Destiny

I'm very surprised that people are buying this at $8. I'd be surprised if people were buying this at $5. $3-$4 is more reasonable, but only because its mythic, has the word angel in its name, and does big flashy effects. Eldrazi Conscription only saw play because Sovereigns dropped it into play basically for free, and even then you cried when the creature died. A timely "in response, removal spell" play means you won't be getting the enchantment back here, and I really disagree with anyone saying it's worth the buying spree. However, if you feel differently I'll at least try to save you some money. Premier Magic has them for $6.01, and almost every other site I've listed here has then for under $7.

That's all for this week, next week we will begin to see prices stabilize and rares fall.

Stephen Moss

One thought on “Insider: Movers and Shakers

  1. Great information in this article. Do you or anyone else here know if there is a way we can be alerted if a price increases or decreases on SCG or any other site?

    I think Chandra is way over priced at the moment. She should see play but really all she is a copy machine. The rest of her modes are only corner case relevant.

    I don't think Skinshifter is a playable card, but I talk about my opinion about it in my next article. However, I didn't think about its applications in control. That could be where it actually sees play. I still stand by on my assessment of it though. It's one or two tweaks away from playability IMHO.

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