Exclusive Innistrad Preview!

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Harkening back to Skarrg, the Rage Pits from the worlds of Ravnica, Kessig Wolf Run can turn any old creature into a game-ender. Though perhaps not the most poweful utility land ever printed, the ability to turn excess mana into damage gives red-green decks a great finishing ability. Granting trample is of the utmost importance, and it bears mentioning that X can equal zero if you're tight on mana and just need the ability bonus. Kessig Wolf Run could represent an allied color cycle of lands similar to those from Ravnica block, but at time of press no others have been previewed. Financially, this is a wait-and-see card that will be wholly dependent on the metagame. It seems unlikely for a deck to need 4, which will keep the price down to earth. You've probably figured out what it does by now, so here's the full card!

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9 thoughts on “Exclusive Innistrad Preview!

  1. This card is crazy. It's basically a Fireball land. Each turn, you get to reach out and burn someone. All your dudes can now trade with all of theirs.

    This will be ridiculous in Limited and a sure role-player in Constructed!

  2. I also just realized how good this is with Primeval Titan. Valakut is gone but it might not be missed. Titan hits for six mana and gets this and a land. Next turn, you're Firebreathing your Titan for five more damage, even if you missed your land drop. Titan gets another two lands after that! You've got a hell of a clock wrapped up into Titan + this thing. The trample is also nice if there are "if ~ deals damage to a player" creatures.

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