Database What?

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The site was down for about 14 hours today because of some gremlins in the database.  You can all thank Tony Pagliocco, WordPress Hero, for the fix.  You should also follow him on your social media of choice (@tpupaz).   We're back up and running with no issues, but if you experience anything out of the ordinary, let us know?

What are your most and least favorite aspects/features of the site?  I'd like to know where we could improve.    Are you enjoying the blogs so far?  It's a bit of an experiment, but we like the idea of giving people a platform to discuss their experiences.  I've already learned a bunch from the new bloggers, so I know I have at least 1 reader!

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10 thoughts on “Database What?

  1. Adam, first off, thanks for your patience. I was thinking earlier today that I'd like to make a digest email that we can send out weekly to our Insiders, just listing the articles that went out that week. Does that fit what you were thinking of? I don't know if that'd work or if you'd rather have plain-text articles sent to your email once a week. The former is easier than the latter, but we'll look at both if that's what you're interested in.

    One of our issues with the site was that a plugin was routing it through, which was screwing up a lot of stuff. It's since been deactivated and I think a lot of the issues are solved in that regard.

    A big thing on our list right now is improving the mobile site. I've been hearing a lot about that and we're going to devote serious time-capital to it.

    1. The digest, isn't exactly what I'm looking for, but it would still be a very welcome feature. It would also make it very simple for me to cache the articles with an iPad app. It wouldn't help with extended downtime, but hopefully those days are behind us. 🙂

      I'd love to have the articles sent out in plain-text, but if I'm the only user wanting it, I'm not gonna pout if it doesn't happen.

      A mobile site would be a very welcome feature.


  2. The downtime is starting to wear on me too! Remember, we're not Gigantor Corporation; we're a scrappy little startup, and we make mistakes. Its a continual process of fine-tuning, and as we grow (quickly…) there are growing pains. Fortunately, we are ironing out every little bug as we find it. Downtime happens, but we do our best to mitigate it.

    I have an iPad as well, and I'd like to find a good way to cache insider stuff for offline reading. iOS/Droid development is on our radar, but we have higher priorities right now, like a new Prediction Tracker 🙂

  3. Go figure – I don’t recall having hit any major downtime – maybe its good to be located half a world away!

    In general I really like the site, including layout on a mobile device (i do most of my QS reading on an android).

    Only minor gripe is the difficulty of reading the Tracker- I can’t change the scale of it (this may just be user error).

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