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I love a card like Desperate Ravings because its value isn’t immediately apparent. It’s sort of like Balance in that you need to play it a little bit to see just how good it can be. Here’s the fundamental bit about the random discard: it’s not as random as it seems. It was inspiring to […]

Hey guys, I’ve been hacking away on the new Prediction Tracker for the last couple days, and I’m excited to share some of the neat new features that I’ve implemented so far.  The back-end is coming along nicely, and the front end is…well, it’s pretty ugly right now.  But it works! Automatic Call Pricing When […]

It’s more likely than you think.  Last year, while I was still grinding away in retail hell (also known as the Dragons Den) I encountered a problem.  I needed to accept credit cards, as any legitimate business would.  An inquiry at my bank left me deciding whether I’d rather use their CC processor or jab […]

Hey guys,  this isn’t a blog post proper, but more of a test of a new feature.  I’ve been keeping track of some prices lately, and I wanted to run this output by the Insiders to get some feedback.  The software behind this is still in very early prototyping.  The idea is that, at any […]

“If I may lend a machete to your intellectual thicket.” – Captain Jack Sparrow Hello SitS fans…Scene in the Store is happy to announce that our sponsor, The Game Room, has hosted its first full fledged Magic event! So yeah we had our first real event at the store on Sunday, complete with promo cards […]

The site was down for about 14 hours today because of some gremlins in the database.  You can all thank Tony Pagliocco, WordPress Hero, for the fix.  You should also follow him on your social media of choice (@tpupaz).   We’re back up and running with no issues, but if you experience anything out of […]

“I don’t know man. He just came alive and started eating the Czechs face!” – The Horde Hello hello all you mages out there in LGS land. I hope everyone had a great time at a release party this past weekend. A group of us went for our first standard event post rotation. There were […]

Hello world! My name is Michael Wang and this is my first time attempting to blog anywhere so I’ll give a quick introduction. If you live in a major city, you probably know someone with the same name as me. If you know Asian American stereotypes at all you know my basic story: grew up […]

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