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Hey guys,

I've been hacking away on the new Prediction Tracker for the last couple days, and I'm excited to share some of the neat new features that I've implemented so far.  The back-end is coming along nicely, and the front end is...well, it's pretty ugly right now.  But it works!

Automatic Call Pricing

When one of our contributors submits a Call, the Tracker will automatically pull the most current price from the data source of our choice.  Right now, we're going with TCG Player's 'Mid' price since it's the most balanced estimate of the market.

Each time you look at the tracker, the card's most current price from that same data source will be displayed, alongside the current difference between the called price and the current price.  This means that we're 100% accountable to our calls.  We can't go back and change them, fudge numbers, or use unrealistic buy-in prices.


You'll be able to filter the Tracker by card name, contributor name, and other data points.  This is especially helpful for seeing what your favorite author is saying or for checking out what the QS team as a whole thinks of one specific card!  We'll constantly be adding more filters as we develop them!

Email Alerting

Want to know when a new call goes up?  As soon as one of our contributors hits "submit", you'll get an email if you opt in!  We think this will be one of the most popular features and a phenomenal reason to sign up for Insider unto itself!

A Screen Shot

Using fake calls.  Actually,  I put that Olivia call in on Thursday morning, right before I sent out an email blast, so it's not all fake!

The (currently butt-ugly) Tracker 2.0!

All of this is subject to change, but the majority of these features are already in place.  We're really looking forward to developing this further and adding more of the vital features as time goes on.  We're excited that this is finally getting close to a release version and I hope you'll forgive the deprecation of our current Tracker  while this is under development!


Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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11 thoughts on “The New Prediction Tracker!

  1. So the Call Price we see is the Mid TCG price of a card at the moment of the call?
    I would include also a kind of maximum buy/trade price each caller would advise.

    It looks promising though! 😉

  2. Right. Mind that TCG Mid isn't THE price, it's just what I'm using right now. But yes, it locks the "call price" at market price. The author puts in his target price, and its up to the user to decide what to do about it. The author's buy-in price is kind of irrelevant; it's a given that you should get it as far below market you can. Then you just have to decide how much you buy into their target.

    1. so help me understand this a bit more…. the call price isnt what the person is saying they think it will stabilize at. but the target price is what they think it will stabilize at?

      1. the call price is the price of the card at the time of the call, so the initial 'cost'. The target is the price at which you should consider selling the card.

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