Olivia Voldaren Price Graph

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Neat chart from the last 48 hours! I'm looking forward to charting more jumps like this one as Worlds progresses!

Updated around 2:30 EST 11/18/11

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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6 thoughts on “Olivia Voldaren Price Graph

  1. Thanks for the timely update yesterday. Grabbed two for myself before the price went up. (Really trying to stop throwing money into standard, but I can’t resist a good tip.)

  2. I was able to pick up a few, and I plan on just dumping them when high…How much of this rise do you think was driven by people speculating versus actual demand?

  3. ^ I would suggest just selling enough to cover your initial investment and holding the rest for the time being. That way you haven't lost anything, and you still get to have a few of her for your own uses. On top of that, I feel that she is going to pick up demand when the next two sets are released… another good vampire or two and we could see that tribe taking over like it did when V-Nocturnous was in print which would cause a secondary run on the now diminished Olivia supply, bumping her up even further.

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