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Shardless Agent is $8-10 on ebay after getting the GerryT treatment. GP Denver will give us a better idea where this card is headed though barring a reprint the long-term looks very good, remember Baleful Strix was near $15 when it was hot so there is still room to grow here even in the short-term. Note, retailers have overreacted to the spike and I don't recommend trading for this at its current price ($16 TCG Mid) unless you're very bullish, though cash plays are reasonable.

When was the last time you saw a Venser, Shaper Savant in a binder? If it was recently, go trade for it. I've seen dealers pay $7 on these in the past month and Troll and Toad is paying $6, considering the card is only $8 TCG Mid those numbers are fantastic. I'm not entirely sure where the demand is coming from here, but in the short term I'm not sure it matters, if anyone can enlighten me in the comments I'd appreciate it.

A Surprising Rise

What happened to Serra Ascendant?

There was a post made on the forums about this card that made me double take, did you know this card was $6 TCG Mid? Obviously the initial spike has already happened, but I think there's still room to make money here. The rest of the various Martyr/Soul Sisters cards are fairly inexpensive and there is very real demand from super casuals and Commander players as well. I could see Serra Ascendant retailing around $12 and moving very easily at $8 cash during the Modern PTQ season.

Restoration Angel is up to $18 on SCG, which doesn't mean very much. These numbers, however illuminate the SCG price increase in a different light.

This makes sense, the card is everywhere in standard and considering the single colored mana in its casting cost I doubt that will be changing anytime soon. The TCG Mid price is not going to last, and I recommend trading for every last Restoration Angel you can find at that number, as it's going to be increasing sooner rather than later.


That 24% spread is pretty good in general, but its fantastic on a standard card that isn't seeing much play right now. Even using SCG's buy price, a 30% spread is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you get the card at any kind of a discount which is certainly possible considering no one wants them right now. Sigarda, Host of Herons is a dump, though picking up copies to flip to dealers is completely reasonable, I just wouldn't hold any if I could help it.

Something Adorable

Gatecrash previews for Christmas? Hurray! While I think the card itself is too expensive to be very good competitively (though its pretty funny with Increasing Savagery) I'm intrigued by the evolve mechanic. What about Corpsejack Menace in a deck full of evolve creatures? The ceiling is fairly low here, but you can get playsets for a dollar so the risk isn't very high either. Most of the demand will be Timmy driven but I don't think that hurts us much given the entry point.

$15 Jace, Architect of Thought are not going to last forever, pick up all the RTR goodness cheaply before Gatecrash makes everyone want to buy cards again. Similarly the first Modern PTQs are already starting, but there's still some time to make a play or two before the season gets in full swing (Blinkmoth Nexus I'm looking at you). We're in a transitional period right now and its a buyer's market so be aggressive, happy holidays.

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