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QS Insider @brotha52 posted a  response to Mike Lanigan's "Collection-Buying 101" article with a link to something he wrote last year about buying collections.   He wrote the article for the website for his LGS, Oasis Games, while he was making an epic cross-country road trip.  The highlight?  Rotisserie Chicken Dip sammiches in Chicago with Kelly.  The second-best part?

Offering $8 for a box of Magic cards.  

The actual best part?  The guy countered with a lower offer.  So, our hero spent 5 bucks and got this.

Seriously. I'd have paid 5 bucks for the Sliver Queen life counter alone.

You guys can chase the HAWT SPIKEZ and try to gamble on the Next Big Thing. I'll be over here with my bathing suit on. Why? Because I'm going over to @brotha52's house to swim in his swimming pool full of money.

Read the full article here.

Because Magic cards give you paper cuts in unspeakable places.
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