Market Watch: Rafiq of the Many

picture of Rafiq of the Many

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QS Insider writer Corbin Hosler made a great post over on about the upside potential of this Commander powerhouse.   I remember my Rafiq commander deck from way back in the day and man was it fun.  Check out an excerpt from his post below.

You may not know it, but Rafiq was a key player during its time in Standard as well. The headliner of the “Mythic” deck, a Bant-flavored midrange deck that played a lot of Mythics and things like Finest Hour to really abuse the attack step. It eventually morphed into “Mythic Conscription,” which adopted Sovereigns of Lost Alara to top out the deck in order to bring the absurdly powerful Eldrazi Conscription to the table

picture of Rafiq of the Many
Can you count to 21? He can.

...the market works these days I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point there’s a mini-run on the card and it jumps to $15. There are no hard and fast rules in this market anymore, and you can’t rule anything out.   But what you can do is find good targets worth looking into. And Rafiq, that means we’re looking at you.

Read the full post and join the discussion.

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