Magic: The Puzzling

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Greetings, Super Sleuths!


In the great tradition of giving us some information early but making us work for it, Journey Into Nyx release weekend has a puzzle for us to figure out.

Earlier, Dack Fayden was spoiled in all of his glory using a very complicated cipher, but the internet, working as a team, cracked the code very quickly.

This video details some of the process.

This Journey Into Nyx puzzle is not quite as complicated and you should be able to figure it out fairly quickly. It's still a fun mental exercise and there weren't any tournament results from the weekend so let's just humor me and do this, OK?

Here are the instructions printed on the poster along with the puzzle. Read the text carefully because it contains some clues.

Below is the poster with the puzzle.



So what's the answer? Don't post it in the comments section, but feel free to let everyone know you're smart by saying "solved it" or something to that effect.

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