The Best Reason to Prerelease

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What's up everybody?

I am here to talk to you about a very serious condition that affects three out of every two players in the Magic Community.

Two Headed Giant Withdrawal Syndrome, or 2HGWS is an affliction that has a wide range of symptoms.

  • Not being able to play 2HG
  • Wanting to play 2HG and not being able to
  • Getting really upset every time you see a textless foil Mutavault
  • Duct taping yourself and a friend together and playing a prerelease wearing a 4XL t-shirt

Thankfully for all of you 2HGWS sufferers out there, you are not alone.

There is hope, however.

Your local prerelease events are likely to run 2HG on Sunday. If you don't want to wait 3 months until the next prerelease, schedule an event during the week. Your LGS likely doesn't hate money and if enough people show up, they will run the event. 2 Headed Giant Sealed is fun, it's a great way to get new players interested in limited, especially if you pair new players up with veterans, and decks are generally better built out of a larger card pool. If you take preregistration signups (facebook is your friend here) you can run an event of a decent size. This will only alleviate symptoms of 2HGWS temporarily, but it beats a shotgun blast to the face.

No really, that's the only other cure. You're much better off playing an event.

If you've never played it, try it out next prerelease, at a GP or make it happen at your LGS. Don't let 2HGWS claim another victim.

Jason Alt

Jason Alt is a value trader and writer. He is Quiet Speculation's self-appointed web content archivist and co-captain of the interdepartmental dodgeball team. He enjoys craft microbrews and doing things ironically. You may have seen him at magic events; he wears black t-shirts and has a beard and a backpack so he's pretty easy to spot. You can hear him as co-host on the Brainstorm Brewery podcast or catch his articles on He is also the Community Manager at and writes the odd article there, too. Follow him on Twitter @JasonEAlt unless you don't like having your mind blown.

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