Sell Fetches While You Can?

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We got a lot of big news from ComicCon in San Diego yesterday. Commander Planeswalkers. Wedge colors inĀ Khans of TarkirĀ with new names. An innovative new Draft structure. Some spoilers on future boxed products.

What we didn't get was any closer to know if the fetchlands are coming back in the fall.

Image.ashxSo what do we know about the fetchlands? Basically, nothing. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Look, we know the reprints are coming sooner or later, whether it be theĀ OnslaughtĀ cycle of theĀ ZendikarĀ one. We don't know when it will be, but we know it's going to happen. So the question is, what do we do before then?

After talking it over with Jason, we've decided the best course of action is the same one I advocated in a column a few weeks ago: sell now. Dealers have already started to lower the prices some, but nowhere near as much as they would have if the fetches had been revealed at ComicCon. The fact that they weren't revealed means dealers may not move all that much right away.

And it's not like either cycle has been on a huge tear recently. There's been year-over-year gains, yes, but the market has been incredible slow in the last several months. In short, I see the upside as being significantly more limited than the downside in the near future. That's enough for me to sell mine, and it's a decision I'm not going to feel bad about come October, regardless of whether or not we get more fetches.

9 thoughts on “Sell Fetches While You Can?

  1. There was a conspiracy online that the last time fetches appeared, they appeared with morph (in onslaught). The return of morph could mean the return of fetches!

    That being said it would be difficult to print fetches in a wedge block so I see the etb tapped 3 color lands being a more likely choice (it would be too hard to align fetches with colors in two separate blocks). In addition the prices of fetches have really come down since March so the need to reprint fetches is dwindling.

  2. They also brought morph back in Time Spiral (without reprinting fetches)…while the likelihood still exists, that is certainly a pretty poor line of reasoning. If I were WoTC I would save the Onslaught fetchlands for a “weak” block to boost sales of product.

    1. It does not actually matter whether it\’s a poor line of reasoning. We are trying to get ahead of the dealers dropping their buy prices, nothing more. Every little thing that can serve as evidence of an impending reprint needs to be recognized. Whether or not it\’s proof positive is totally irrelevant if all we are trying to do is sell at a peak.

    1. More than likely never happening. The only negative side effect of the Fetch Land mechanic is just the increased amount of shuffling. As long as this does not negatively combine with cards like Sensei’s Diving Top, you won’t see the need for it as tournament round times will stay within desired parameters

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