Aaron Forsythe Talks MTGO Leagues (and More)

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Australian gaming site Ten Copper published a great interview with Wizards of the Coast Director of R&D Aaron Forsythe, given at this year's PAX Australia. If you remember the Brainstorm Brewery episode featuring Forsythe (or one of his many other interviews or articles), you already know that he's insightful, pragmatic, and a true fan of Magic.

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This interview was no exception, and Forsythe discussed topics ranging from the release schedule ("we’re killing two birds with one stone here, giving people more story and more interesting sets") to Khans cards that have made an impact in eternal formats ("Jeskai Ascendancy in Modern is a big deal. Dig Through Time in all of the Eternal formats is a big deal. Treasure Cruise in all of the older formats is a big deal.").

Forsythe also covered a topic of huge interest to Magic Online players:

We want to implement League Play on Magic Online, that’s something we’ve been promising for a while. That’s going to give people the kind of "play on demand" play they want, you don’t have to wait, you can just play and play and play meaningful games of Magic. That’s something our players have been asking for and Hearthstone delivers, and we know we can deliver, and that’s coming in the pipeline next year. We have all the right ideas, we just gotta make ‘em happen.

On-demand play is something sorely lacking on MTGO, and it's nice to know that R&D is at least aware of the client's shortcomings in that area. Unfortunately, the part where he says "next year" suggests that we'll have at least a couple more months of waiting to do.

In any case, check out the full interview for interesting takes on returning to planes, Forsythe's favorite Magic settings, and more.

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2 thoughts on “Aaron Forsythe Talks MTGO Leagues (and More)

  1. December 2013: Chris Kiritz excited about Leagues –

    March 2014: Chris Kiritz says Leagues still on-track for 2014 –

    April 2014: Chris Kiritz still maintains leagues on-track for 2014 –

    May 2014: Seriously, leagues are still on-track for this year even though we can’t say anything about them –

    July 2014: Kiritz says leagues are launching in the fall –

    November 2014: Aaron Forsythe says leagues are coming next year.

    How is it that we let them keep doing this?

  2. Yeah… Leagues have literally been being promised for 7 years and counting now. They existed on V2.5 and disappeared on V3. Just another one of Worth’s lies to his customers to keep them spending money. Much like power in 2013 (came out mid 2014) and V3 will not be cut until V4 is at least on par with V3 (4 months later and it still isn’t even close).

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