Better Things to Do With a Bathtub’s Worth of Magic Cards

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A Reddit post by user cybrcld has been floating around the interwebs, featuring the following photo:


Yes, that's a bathtub's worth of Magic cards. Really, that's not even a bathtub—it's basically a Jacuzzi. This appears to have been a massive opening party with some Khans of Tarkir booster boxes. Here is a list of appropriate things to do with so many Magic cards:

  • Make your very own set of MTG armor.


  • Build the world's coolest house of cards.


  • Pack 'em up by the thousand and commission a custom cake that looks like a Magic card with the proceeds of bulking them out.


  • Build yourself a literal throne of Magic cards (really puts new meaning to the term "Game of Thrones").


  • Package them up in 100-card piles and hand them out to trick-or-treaters.

  • Practice becoming Gambit.


  • Burn them for warmth.


Here is a list of things not to do with a bathtub's worth of Magic cards:

  • Dump them in a bathtub, roll around naked in them, and leave the taint-covered mess for some hotel maid to deal with.

Which one do you think this person chose?

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