The Definitive List of Every Commander in Tiny Leaders

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When I first heard of Tiny Leaders, my first instinct was to Google the phrase, "Complete list of Tiny Leaders commanders." It did not return the result I wanted, instead just taking me to rules and ban lists and forums and whatnot. I've tried again a few times with different search terms, and nothing. So, either nobody has done this, my Google-fu is weak, or the site where this is done is not labeled well.

Of course, I'm glad to have the opportunity to do this the right way. So without further ado, for your convenience, below is an image of each commander legal in Tiny Leaders, sorted by color identity. Please let me know if you notice anything wrong and I will update the post.


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kytheon, hero of akros tiny leadersliliana heretical healer tiny leadersnissa, vastwood seer tiny leadersjace, vrynn's prodigy tiny leaderschandra, fire of kaladesh tiny leaders


brimazkingororeskoseightandahalftailsisamarukatakiwarswage kembakharegentkentarothesmilingcatlieutenantkirtarlinsivvi mangaramasakothehumorlessmikaeusthelunarchopaleye orimsamitehealerorisssamiteguardianpangtongpianna runetailsenseigoldentailsorayathefalconerthaliaguardian tivadarofthornanafenza, kin-tree spirit tiny leaders


ambassadorlaqbarrinmasterwizardertaiwizardadeptkamiofthecrescentmoon kiraladysunmuzziovendilionclique



haakonkikunightsflowerkuonmagatraitor maralenofthemornsongtoshiroumezawaxunyu


zurgo bellstriker tiny leadersadamaroashlingpilgrimbalthorthestout

brothersyamazakifeldonofthethirdpathishiishijayaballard mannichinorinthewaryslobadgoblinsqueegoblin starkeofrathtuktuktheexlorerzozuthepunisher



ezurirenegadeleaderhuatuoisaomirricatwarrior omnathlocusrekisasayasetonkrosan  shizukoyisanthewandererbardzuoci


daxosofmelitis geistofsainttraft gwafahazid hannashipsnav syggriverguide





grenzodungeonwarden lyzolda tymaret




gaddockteeg rhystheredeemed saffieriksdotter selvala


athreosgodofpassage teysaorzhov


jhoira ninthepainartists


glissathetraitor pharikagodofaffliction rhystheexiledthelonofhavenwood

skullbriarthewalkinggrave varolz






anafenzatheforemost doranthesiegetower


angusmackenzie jenara ragnar


ladyevangela merieke sydrigalvanic






adunoakenshield xiraarien




marathwillofthewild mayaeltheanima


animarsoulofelements yasovadragonclaw


So, there isn’t a legal Sultan-Colored Tiny Leader, however it’s been decided that you can make-believe!  Thanks to Xander on the MTGSalvation forums for this awesome proxy.

30 thoughts on “The Definitive List of Every Commander in Tiny Leaders

  1. We can use the kamigawa guys that flip into legendary?

    I’d run bushi tenderfoot over isamaru all day every day. The payoff is huge for what will be a voltron deck already. 4/3 Bushido 2 double strike is way over the curve for a single W.

    1. You know, I assumed so because Erayo, Soratari Ascendant is specifically banned, but I see now that this is actually cast as a legendary. Can someone point me to a definitive source one way or the other on these? I’ll remove them as soon as it’s confirmed they’re not legal. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the great list. I know that took a lot of time. I bought a great app called Umagic from the iPhone store. With it, I can view and sort every magic card made in any way possible. The filters are great and the carousel view is awesome. The only down side is the deck building portion could use some work. I believe it is free to download but it’s missing the standard sets, or at least that’s the way it worked when I got it last year. I bought the full version for something like $5 and they update it with every set free of charge. Anyway, thanks for the hard work and check it out if you don’t already have a digital tool.

  3. I wonder how many Gatherer searches there have been of “Legendary Creature cmc <= 3" in the last few weeks, and if wizards takes note of that kind of trend.

    My short list that I made the other day of leaders that I thought would either be competitive, fun, or interesting to build around:

    Vendilion Clique
    Ezuri/Rhys the Redeemed
    Geist of Saint Traft
    Glissa, the Traitor
    Hanna, Ship's Navigator
    Maralen (combo?)
    Mikaeus, the Lunarch
    Nin, the Pain Artist
    Sygg, River Cutthroat
    Teysa, Orzhov Scion
    Vorel of the Hull Clade
    Merieke Ri Berit
    Animar (storm combo)

  4. Jeez, Danny, this must have taken a lot of time and been boring as hell. Thanks for taking the effort to do this! When I’m looking to build a Tiny Leaders deck next time, I’ll search Google for ‘List of Every Commander in Tiny Leaders’ and find myself right back here at Quiet Speculation

    but srsly… This is awesome and I have bookmarked it.

  5. The app I use on my iPhone is imtg, and it’s fantastic. Very very easy to come up with a list like this using the database filters. If you have an iPhone, you might check it out. But seriously, fantastic work putting together a list like this without using an app!

  6. unfortunately you can’t use cards that are not legendary but flip into legendary creatures because the magic rules would say that the card would be unflipped in the command zone and that your commander has to be legendary! sorry no nuzumi graverobber 🙁

  7. May as well take “Hakkon, Stromgald Scourge” out.

    as much as I would love to play him… there is no way to get him out of the command zone… that i can think of.

  8. You are missing the legendary creatures from commander 2015, battle for zendikar, and oath of the gate watch plus shadows over innistrad is coming out in a month in a half

  9. Will this continue to be updated for the newer sets coming out? Leovold gives us a Sultai commander and Depala and Olivia are interesting Boros and Rakdos leaders respectivel 🙂

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