Tiny Tuesday- Lin Sivvi Life

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It's that time of the week again! For today's Tiny Tuesday I want to talk about one of the most oppressive cards in Magic history that, by today's standards might be considered kind of weak. If you're into the history of the game, then you might have guessed the card that I'm talking about in this context.

While Lin Sivvi isn't what she used to be, a Commander that can tutor up value is worth exploring. The reason that I like Lin Sivvi is that she provides an easy way to set up life combo. This is another one from the history books, which revolves around creating an infinite toughness creature. There are a couple cards that can make this happen, but the easiest access for a Lin Sivvi deck are in the form of Outrider en-Kor and Task Force. The Outrider and use its ability to target the Task Force any number of times, building an arbitrarily large toughness. The most commonly played way to make use of this was replacing the Task Force with Daru Spiritualist and sacrificing it to Starlit Sanctum. Seeing as Lin Sivvi's color identity won't let us play that land and we'd rather have the rebel than the cleric anyway, we'll be using Miren, the Moaning Well.

Diamond Valley would also fit this role, but not tapping for mana and costing a billion dollars keeps it out of my build.

The combo is just one element of the deck though. The rest of the deck is filled with white's best interactive spells, a bunch of rebels to tutor up, and a couple land tutors to find either Miren to combo or Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx to generate mana and get a ton of rebels into play.

Tiny Lin Sivvi

I'm not sure that this deck is as competitive as other lists that I've posted here, but it has a lot of cool elements that I'm sure some of you will appreciate.

3 thoughts on “Tiny Tuesday- Lin Sivvi Life

  1. I would also consider these for the life combo:

    Animal Boneyard


    I like some enchantment silver bullets in my Lin Sivvi EDH deck, but you may not have enough room in TL.

    Bound in Silence is pretty nice to fetch with Lin Sivvi too.

    1. I accidentally lumped Bound in Silence in with the creatures. I’ll fix that now. My bad!

      Condemn is a neat one, and that could definitely be worth the inclusion. I like Miren more than that and Boneyard, as Miren is a “free” inclusion, but it’s some good food for thought.

      An Enlightened Tutor package could be solid in this deck. It was something that I considered, but I couldn’t come up with enough in monowhite to really make it feel worth it.

      1. They are all suggestions for redundancy. You just have Miren and 2 ways to find it (1 very unreliable).

        You already have quite a few interesting cards Enlightened Tutor could find, Expedition Map primarily if you don’t want to play the Boneyard (which I could understand). I also think that Righteous Aura would be worth considering. Oblivion Stone and Scroll Rack may also be worth thinking about.

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