Holiday Cube Updates Announced

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When Randy Buehler threw a bunch of vampires into the Legacy Cube, people weren't too excited. Even if I'm not big on the vampires, I approved of his methodology. Now, Randy has been charged with updating the Holiday Cube, and has approached the task with the same methods.

Cutting Time Vault definitely makes sense with how boring it made a lot of drafts, and indeed most of the cards moving around are obvious improvements. I'm definitely happy to see Gurmag Angler getting the respect that it deserves.

There are only really two changes to the Cube that bother me. I'm 100% against cutting Plow Under, as it's one of my Cube darlings. It's been great in every green deck I ever drafted, and it's definitely not oppressive the way that other cards in the cube are. I absolutely welcome the inclusion of Whisperwood Elemental, but there has to be something worse that can be cut.

The other change that I just don't understand is bringing in Gitaxian Probe and Mental Misstep while cutting Talrand, Sky Summoner. Misstep is just kind of blah overall and I don't grok the concept of cutting Talrand while bringing in support for a Talrand deck. Outside of that though, I still very much approve of the direction MTGO Cubes are going.

One thought on “Holiday Cube Updates Announced

  1. I’m genuinely sad to see Accorder Paladin, Savannah Lions, and Elite Vanguard leave the cube. I loved drafting an aggressive W/r deck that used guys like that and every anthem and wrath effect I could pick up. It was better than people would tend to think.

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