How to Catch a Card Thief

We’ve all had cards stolen from us, or know somebody who has. I’d like to believe that people are good, but even if that’s generally true there are plenty of scum out there. When somebody has a deck or a binder stolen, the typical protocol involves reaching out to the local community and shops and letting them know if there are any uniquely identifiable aspects of the stolen cards.

For most of us, we never see our stolen possessions again. For Kemper Pogue, he had the opportunity to bring his collection’s thieves to justice. You can read Kemper’s story at The Washington Post.

The story is a good read if you’re interested in the rare evidence of justice in this world, but there are also some good tips here if you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having your cards stolen. Partner with the community, local stores, and law enforcement. If you work at a store, be vigilant about catching people selling stolen property. The sting operation here is impressive, but I’m inclined to believe that it could be executed more often than it has been in the past.

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Ryan Overturf

Ryan Overturf

Ryan has been playing Magic since Legions and playing competitively since Lorwyn. While he fancies himself a Legacy specialist, you'll always find him with strong opinions on every constructed format.

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One thought on “How to Catch a Card Thief

  1. Reading this story put a smile on my face. I hate thieves with a passion that borders on fanatical.

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