Visualizing Magic – Some Numbers on Modern Masters Weekend

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A few days have passed since Modern Masters Weekend, when three different Grand Prix across the globe together made for one of the biggest and most memorable Magic experiences ever. QS_infographicMM2_02 QS_infographicMM2_03

Diego Fumagalli

I have played Magic since Revised edition, a hobby that has followed me my entire life. I recently started creating infographics and using data visualization--a great game deserves a great communication tool!

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12 thoughts on “Visualizing Magic – Some Numbers on Modern Masters Weekend

  1. I was in Las Vegas. Not my favorite town, but a great venue and a wonderfully run tournament for the most part. There were a few hiccups, but what’s a GP with out hiccups!

    1. Hi Bobby, so glad you like it!

      I create similar infographics with Adobe Illustrator mainly, some Photoshop to handle with raster images.

      Imho Tabelau and similar are great tools for data visualization but lacking of flexibility when talking of infographics, where storytelling is an essential aspect.

      Do you work with Tableau?

      I’m really interested in your opinion!

      1. Yes, I actually do work with Tableau. Agree Tableau lacks the artistic aspect that photoshop has, but it’s more of a business intelligence tool that sources in streaming data pipelines.

        D3 is the more advanced, future istic tool that requires more coding experience as it has the opportunity to make interactive web visuals.

  2. These numbers quite literally make me squeal with glee. It was an honor and a privilege to be part of that 596, and we did (by all accounts) an amazing job together!

    Here’s to history, and to making more soon!

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