Battle for Zendikar Intro Deck Lists Revealed!

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Just a quick post to let you know what you need to focus on:

Felidar Sovereign (R)

Defiant Bloodlord (R)

Nissa's Renewal (R)

Oran-Rief Hydra (R)

Sylvan Scrying x2 (U)

Barrage Tyrant (R)

Serpentine Spike (R)

Transgress the Mind x2 (U)

Processor Assault x2 (U)

Drowner of Hope (R)

Desolation Twin (R)

Titan's Presence (U)

Hedron Archive x2 (U)

Angelic Captain (R)

Hero of Goma Fada (R)

This clearly affects the price of cards like Sylvan Scrying and Transgress the Mind, which were panning out to be chase Uncommons.  Most of these rares are not too relevant, as I doubt anyone here has pre-ordered them.

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