Insider: Picking Undervalued Presale Cards in BFZ

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We are currently less than one week away from being able to play with BFZ cards at the prerelease.  I'm just going to pause for a second to let that sink in... The full spoiler for BFZ has been up since Friday which has left us ample time to become acquainted with the new goodies that lie in store for us in the near future.

In today's article I'm going to walk through the spoiler and discuss cards that I think are currently preselling at less than their potential price.

The key to picking presale winners is the same as everything else in MTG finance: you have to find cards that are being undervalued and have room to grow. Pretty much any dummy can look at the new Gideon or the Tango lands and tell you that they will be great in Standard and should come out of the gate with a big price tag.

It's common knowledge that everybody needs these cards for their decks. The real trick to making money in the early stages of a new set is to predict the cards that people will want before those people even know they want them!

Underpriced Mythics

Oblivion Sower


I talked about this card last week so I won't dwell on it too long. Everything that I said about the card before still applies now. It is a great card and will see a ton of play. The fact that there is a duel deck version has likely suppressed the price considerably, and as demand grows so will the price for regular versions. I think the potential of this card is similar to Polukranos, which still hit $12 despite being in a duel deck.

I think this is one of the most powerful overall cards in the set. It does a lot of things. It has a huge body and generates card advantage by netting lands. It also has some pretty nasty interactions with opponents who use the delve mechanic...

Void Winnower


Void Winnower is a very powerful Magic card and if people are going to be ramping out Eldrazi this is one of the two high-end ones they'll look to play. Keeping an opponent from playing even cost spells is a huge deal. All of the best costs are even! Decks tend to have more two- and four-drops because those two numbers get significant bumps in power level. Two-drops tend to be significantly better than one-drops and four-drops tend to be significantly better than three-drops.

The card is a Meddling Mage that likely names more than half of your opponent's deck...

Also, it is pretty sweet that it makes tokens unable to block! The Void Winnower is also one of the best cards to cheat into play with See the Unwritten and so if that is a deck it will be playing this card. It is also significant that this card is probably insane in Commander.

Underpriced Rares

Beastcaller Savant


Three bucks on SCG? Give me a break...

The card is going to be extremely important in Standard. First of all it fixes mana for every color when it comes to creatures which is huge because all of the best creatures cost three different colors of mana! Abzan decks lost great two-drop creatures and really needed a card to fill this role.

It's also just a mana dork that when you are on the play can randomly sneak in a point of damage, which is a pretty big upside. I can't think of another mana creature that actually has haste so the card is unique for sure. I think there are going to be a lot of decks that need this creature, and the current price tag is just too low.

Exert Influence


I think this is a sleeper card that will be very good in Standard. Gaining control of an opponent's card is no joke. It is the best possible kind of two-for-one.

The cost is reasonable and there will be decks that can meet the condition of making several different colors of mana in order to go all the way up to four or five colors. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to steal a Siege Rhino on curve? Right now the card is the bulkiest bulk rare, and I'm already looking at it as a card that I'd like to try to play with. Seems like a good time to buy in.


lumberingfalls shamblingvent

Both of these cards are going to be huge players in Standard. Manlands are always a dominant force whenever they are legal.

The biggest drawback to these cards is that they're weaker than the ones from Worldwake. Fortunately, the Worldwake ones are not legal in Standard to outclass them. The fact that they are worse than the WWK lands has absolutely no baring on how good they will be in new Standard.

In fact, I'm certain that any deck playing those colors will play four of these lands. The fact that these lands exist is a strong incentive to play these colors. In particular, I think these lands make Esper Dragons and Temur Collected Company strong decks right out of the gate.

Nissa's Renewal


I think any dedicated ramp deck will want to play this card, and there's certainly significant incentive to ramp in Standard. I wrote about this card last week after it was spoiled so I won't go too in depth on it again, but I still think it is a strong card to target right now in the early stages of the set.

Radiant Flames


I don't think people have really thought through how good this card actually is. It is a Firespout that lets you choose how much damage you want to deal. Firespout was a dominant card when it was in Standard and this one gives you even more control, assuming you're three colors. I think the flexibility of this card makes it very good.

It is also just a good sweeper style card for three mana. In fact, I think it is one of the better three-cost sweepers of all time. The format lost Drown in Sorrow and Anger of the Gods and this is the card that will pick up the slack and fill that role. Seeing it written off as a bulk rare is embarrassing.

Scatter to the Winds


Scatter is going to see a ton of constructed play. The other good three-mana hard counters have all rotated out of Standard and this is the card to take up that mantle. Also, surprise! This card is completely insane.

It is a hard counter that also just turns a land into a win condition once you have a bunch of mana later in the game. Right now SCG is sold out at $3 but I wouldn't be surprised to see this card hit $8+ before the release. It is a card that will be in a lot of decks. It will also be in the blue decks, so you know it's going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Ruinous Path


It is a slightly worse Hero's Downfall and Downfall was a $10 card for much of it's tenure in Standard. It is also important that it picks up exactly where Downfall left off and fills that hole.

It is also significant that new Standard is full of fantastic planeswalkers. The old ones were good and Gideon, Ob Nixilis, and Kiora from BFZ are all cards that will see a ton of Standard play. In fact, I think the new walkers comprise most of the best cards in the set and will be among the most impactful. I just can't suggest them as great buys because they are already preselling for $20+ and likely won't go up much more.

Anyway, the card that kills all the best cards is going to be a strong player in Standard for the next year and $5 for a card like that seems on the low end.

Woodland Wanderer


Woodland Wanderer is a card that I think will see a lot of play. In particular, I think that with fetches and tango lands in Standard it will be possible to play four- and five-color midrange or control decks. They wouldn't print cards for those decks if they weren't possible, would they?

If you pay the full four colors for this behemoth, it enters the battlefield as a 6/6 trample vigilance. That is huge for just four mana! I could certainly see the kind of multicolor deck that wants to play this card also making nice use of the new Control Magic as well.

I remember the days when a 5/5 with a drawback for four mana was amazing and now we have 6/6s with two abilities for that cost! Wow, how the world has changed. Even if you can't make the full four colors and can only get to three colors this creature will still be a 5/5. With the embarrassment of riches that is the fixing in New Standard I can really see cards like this having a moment to shine. If Siege Rhino is the better card, it is certainly true that Woodland Wanderer dwarfs it in size.


I've been really enjoying brewing new decks for this format and can't wait to get a chance to try one of my creations out at SCG Indy in two weeks. I'm also looking forward to hitting up the prerelease this weekend!

Today, I basically went through the spoiler and found the cheap cards that I would actually be excited to play with in new Standard. They are all cards I think are actively good to be playing in new Standard in two weeks. Many of these cards that are selling as cheap cards in presale are cards that I believe will be format-defining staples in the coming weeks! Good luck at the prerelease and hope you track down everything you're looking for before it spikes!

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