Changes to MTGO PTQs

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I don't have a lot of experience with MTGO PTQs, and part of the reason for this that I'm not a great planner. Having to set aside time for a qualifier and a Saturday or Sunday for an Online PTQ simply hasn't clicked for me on many occasions. In light of this, I'm quite happy with the announced changes to MTGO PTQs.

The long and short of the change is that I can play a qualifier for an MTGO PTQ this week, and I can use the token I won to play in one of a handful of different PTQs on different weekends. I have a feeling that I'm not the only MTGO user who is more likely to play MTGO PTQs in light of the fact that I can now be bored, jam an MTGO PPTQ and then do whatever I want with the weekend attached to that week. The system has a little too much going on to reasonably abridge, so I recommend giving Lee Sharpe's announcement a once-over.

Ryan Overturf

Ryan has been playing Magic since Legions and playing competitively since Lorwyn. While he fancies himself a Legacy specialist, you'll always find him with strong opinions on every constructed format.

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One thought on “Changes to MTGO PTQs

  1. Talking about minor changes… last month i qualified for the PTQ and couldn’t play in it; not that i wanted to, you do all those trouble to qualify and then you get to play in a PHANTOM limited tournament… cheap cheap cheap

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