Deck Overview- Gruul Scapeshift

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Today's list is oddly reminiscent of the standard version of Valakut decks. Decks like this have historically existed in modern, though over time the builds with access to blue mana took over as the best build of Scapeshift. Thien Nguyen would have you believe that Cinder Glade changes this paradigm, and a Grand Prix Top 8 is a solid argument.

Four maindeck Relic of Progenitus is certainly a concession to the power of Snapcaster Mage, with some added utility against the delve spells that are still Modern legal. Cantripping to find more lands isn't bad either. The 4-2 split in favor of Explore over Farseek is another nod to this deck's want for cantrips in the absence of blue mana. It's a less consistent way to make mana, but it's consistent enough at 27 lands.

The miser's Primal Command is a nice way to make turn five Primeval Titan more consistent in addition to adding some strong utility. I'm less in love with the Commune with Lavas, though ultimately if your goal is just to resolve one specific spell it's reasonable card selection in a color pair that doesn't get a lot of options.

It's very interesting to see Scapeshift decks being pulled from a Temur base to either four-color Bring to Light builds and a straight red/green version. I'm excited to see how the strategy evolves from here.

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