Full Commander 2015 Visual Spoiler Available

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I haven't had the chance to filter through and scope out potential Legacy playables just yet, but the full visual spoiler for Commander 2015 is here.

There are some relevant reprints that are sure to depreciate in value such as Eldrazi Monument, Phyrexian Arena, Blatant Thievery, Mycoloth, Lightning Greaves, Eternal Witness, and High Market, so dump these positions accordingly.

5 thoughts on “Full Commander 2015 Visual Spoiler Available

      1. Lol! I’m far from a Commander/EDH aficionado. Not going to pretend to know what I’m talking about. 😀

        I just feel like there’s some decent reprints and a whole slew of well designed cards this time around.

        I was told there *are* some cards that can be considered for Legacy, but nothing that’s going to break the format.

          1. Potentially Magus of the Wheel or Mystic Confluence. Nothing like True-Name or Containment though. BG has a paper value of >$100, while the UR has the lowest at <$70

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