[MTGO] A Cube Built for Johnny

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Since its introduction to MTGO a few years ago, Cube Draft has proven immensely popular. Wizards decided to switch things up this go around with the all-new Legendary Cube.

If you've become a little bored with traditional cubes or are just looking for a crazy, unique experience, give this cube a try. It's certainly a different animal than the usual fare.

I for one have been having a blast drafting bizarre masterpieces like this one:

Abzan Yosei Combo


Tutors & Selection




In case you haven't figured it out, this deck pretty much does one thing every time, which is steal all your opponents' untap steps. It turned out to be quite consistent and resilient, and I 3-0'd the pod handily.

My only regret this draft was having to win a few games without Yosei lock--but they were certainly in the minority.

As for financial questions, the Legendary Cube is giving out "Prize Packs" that contain several new Commander cards, as well as a few favorites from years past. Notable heavy hitters include Containment Priest, Shardless Agent, Toxic Deluge and True-Name Nemesis.

Yesterday when the queues had just begun, I sold a few Prize Packs at a hearty 3.25 Tix each, but prices seem to have dropped since then. As of writing, bots are buying around 2.75 Tix.

I'm not sure what the future holds for these packs, but if you can manage a 2-1 record right now in the Swiss queues, you can make your Play Points back with an extra 2-3 Tix on top. Considering how fun it's been so far, that's probably how I'll be spending my free time on MTGO the rest of this week.

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