Trevor Holmes Plays MTGO Ep. 9: Jeskai Twin!

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What’s up guys! Welcome back to my Modern Nexus Video Series, where we take a deck in the format and run it through some matches on Magic Online. This week we have Alex Bianchi's GP Pittsburgh winning Jeskai Twin list! While many Twin players chose the more traditional U/R Twin route over Grixis Twin in Pittsburgh, Alex branched out, riding Path to Exile and Restoration Angel all the way to victory. Does this deck have what it takes to supplant U/R, Grixis, and Temur for the coveted "best Twin deck" position? Let's find out!



Deck Tech


Round 1


Round 2


Round 3



All in all, I'm pretty happy with our results. Amulet Bloom seems like it should be a relatively even matchup, but after playing it I can see how it can go either way. Path to Exile, Lightning Bolt and Snapcaster Mage add up to a TON of removal, which seems awesome against all these creature decks running around. Against midrange, counterspells and sideboard bombs seems to be a great plan, and we could always just combo them (yeah, this deck does that too!). Thanks for watching guys, I'll see you next week!

Trevor Holmes
The_Architect on MTGO

5 thoughts on “Trevor Holmes Plays MTGO Ep. 9: Jeskai Twin!

  1. against amulet bloom I would have boarded out the combo and the bolts and tried for a straight blood moon control deck, but maybe that’s just me and not the right play

  2. Match 1 game 2 why do you clique away the nature’s claim. Seems like you’d rather have him with dead card instead of a threat. You have kiki in hand for combo kill and can draw into more counter magic which I think is higher probably than the 3 twins. Just trying to understand 😉

  3. You should have been able to beat amulet bloom , it as easy as mulligan til you hit bloodmoon or a few spells that interact with your opponent , that second game you should have mulled down to six , you had no way of stopping even a summer bloom much less a titan , also you have been casting remand at the wrong targets in this matchup , you should always remand the titans or summer blooms

  4. In your game1, match2 tapping out for clique/exarch in T3 or T4 on draw step/end of turn is typically how we tron players win against twin – via boil or choke. I suggest you wait for the extra U mana for dispel, annul, or something like spell pierce. What’s the rush when you have remands and Bloodmoons in the deck and besides you were way ahead with a mulligan to 3 against 6. Lastly never take out PTEs against tron, arguably Bolts first than PTEs 😀

    I agree with Aaron Kiffe… you should have aggressively mulliganed for bloodmoons. Bloom titan only has 1 Forest MD and another 1 off the SB. I think the main purpose of bringing in the dispels were to protect the bloodmoons which never appeared.

    wondering why you have Wear/Tear in the list but not in the video (maybe switched it to another copy of negate)

    noob question… When do you bring in the Elspeth

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