Insider: QS Cast 19 – Two Huge Events & Modern Spikes

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This week, the cast talks about the positively massive events in Standard (Oakland) and Modern (Charlotte). You’ll find the cast’s best picks for financial hits in both formats. Doug and Chaz discuss the new rotation schedule and how it might not bring about the lower card prices that we all hoped for.

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Douglas Linn

Doug Linn has been playing Magic since 1996 and has had a keen interest in Legacy and Modern. By keeping up closely with emerging trends in the field, Doug is able to predict what cards to buy and when to sell them for a substantial profit. Since the Eternal market follows a routine boom-bust cycle, the time to buy and sell short-term speculative investments is often a narrow window. Because Eternal cards often spike in value once people know why they are good, it is essential for a trader to be connected to the format to get great buys before anyone else. Outside of Magic, Doug is an attorney in the state of Ohio.  Doug is a founding member of Quiet Speculation, and brings with him a tremendous amount of business savvy.

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3 thoughts on “Insider: QS Cast 19 – Two Huge Events & Modern Spikes

    1. Thanks Mark! We will do that going forward.

      In terms of a “short list” I would look to the forums, and articles. It’s really wide open at the moment and any Modern playable card stands to gain with the current rising prices.

  1. Just wanted to give my .02 on Eldrazi vs Twin in Modern. I’ve played a few hundred matches with the Mono Black version over the past few weeks incl a few dozen against Twin, and it’s my actual best matchup. Game 1 you can lose if you don’t have discard/removal, but after sideboard you have so much of that plus Memoricide and Curse/Night of Soul’s Betrayal that it becomes very tough to lose.

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