Video: Using a Normal Webcam with ION Core (Logitech C920)

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A few people have asked about using the ION Scanner with their existing webcams. ION will work with just about any USB webcam; it doesn't even need to be HD. Getting the camera set up correctly is the most important thing here, not the camera itself.

So, I made a little video to help demonstrate how to set up a typical webcam, the Logitech C920, to scan cards with.

I've set the camera atop my computer monitor (about 18" off the scanning surface), pointed straight down onto a light grey playmat.

The only light in the room is natural afternoon sunlight. Check out how I line up the camera and set everything up.

Once the camera is set up right, it should be able to scan cards as quickly as shown above.


Also, we just saw this on Twitter. Not sure how well it's working for the user, but it's clever!

@QuietSpec Ever wonder if you can use the cardboard from your fat pack box to make something? Try a camera stand!

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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