Announcement: No Monday Article

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You may have noticed the lack of a new article for today. We're still in the process of rearranging and organizing things, so I hope you'll forgive us as we get situated. The rest of this week is slated for an update each day as normal, and next week you can expect the usual Monday article.


Jason Schousboe
Editor in Chief

Jason Schousboe

Jason was introduced to Magic in 1994, and began playing competitively during Time Spiral block. He has enjoyed a few high finishes on the professional scene, including Top 16 at Grand Prix Denver and Top 25 at Pro Tour Honolulu 2012. He specializes in draft formats of all stripes, from Masters Edition to the modern age.

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3 thoughts on “Announcement: No Monday Article

  1. Ha, I can’t wait to see what comes this week. After the recent acquisition of this site, some small hiccups make sense during the transition.

    Is there any Infect-focused article coming down the pipeline? I recently finished the deck, and I’d love to hear what you guys think about various builds within the meta.

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