Announcing: PT SOI Contest, 4-for-3 Promotion & More!

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Welcome, everyone! It's about that time again to gear up for a Pro Tour here at Quiet Speculation. That means yet more stellar coverage and the very best information coming from our staff to your eyes and ears. Let's go over everything that's happening leading up to the Pro Tour.

Take Advantage of the 4-for-3 Promotion

We wanted to offer an extremely good promotion leading into the Pro Tour coverage---in that vein we're offering coverage of an extra Pro Tour for free.

QS strives to provide the best coverage bar none for large events like these. We're one of few outfits that send multiple reporters onsite to report exactly what's going on as it happens. The writers and staff make sure that information is relayed to Insiders quickly and effectively so you're not paying more for Magic: The Gathering cards tomorrow than you would be today.

It's easy to grab this promotion. Just head over to the sign-up page.


Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad Contest

In addition to offering a deal to prospective new Insiders, we wanted to spice things up this Pro Tour. So join us for a fun contest in which we'll hand out a few free months of our Insider services to random individuals. These services include many features, from ION Core, MTGPark access, and weekly finance columns, to our expert forums and Pro Tour coverage.

This one is also extremely easy - sign up for the QS Newsletter and fill out the web form we send you. As the Pro Tour Top 8 is published we'll announce the random winners of the free subscriptions.

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PT Coverage

Everything else remains the same as we continue to make our coverage the best it can be. We'll be bringing you the deck overviews, Insider alerts and email updates you've come to expect. In the meantime make sure to keep up with articles covering all aspects of the Pro Tour.

We've done our best this time around to coordinate our efforts and make sure the team leaves no stone unturned. Most of the information we uncover will be available to Insiders first, but we do our best to relay it to everyone. This will take the form of live-stream casting, Insider chats, email alerts and article updates.

If you want this information immediately, join us on Insider and become a part of it. If you want to sit on the sidelines, that's fine too---but you may run the risk of spending more on the cards you need.

We hope to see you for the Pro Tour, and enjoy the contest and promotion!

- QS Staff

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