Deck Overview- Big White

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With it being clear how much better white is in Standard than the other colors, eventually one wonders what happens when you just shove all the best white cards into one deck. No, I'm not talking about the Savannah Lions, I'm talking about the the other white deck. The one that James Wager took to a Top 8 berth of the Columbus Invitational.

Where the Human Aggro deck has some finesse with the discovery of Gryff's Boon, this deck just jams a bunch of good cards. Some of these cards play well with Eldrazi Displacer, but Displacer is also just a good card on its own.

Out of the sideboard things get a little flashier with Linvala, the Preserver. Linvala is a card that hasn't broken through in Standard in the way that some have anticipated that it would, though there are matchups where you can combine Linvala with Displacer to generate crazy amounts of value.

I don't expect this to be a popular choice for the Pro Tour, in particular because despite the fact that white is the best color it does not contain all of the best cards. Adding a second color isn't terribly difficult, and with Thraben Inspector being the only one drop- a card that may or may not make the cut in a two color deck- I can't imagine this deck continuing to exist as the format develops. The simple truth is that if you jam all the good cards, your deck can't be that bad.

More than anything, I would attribute this deck's success to it being a four Avacyn deck. Avacyn is completely absurd relative to the power level of other cards in Standard, and going forward we will see more decks maindecking more copies of her. I pushed pre-ordering her hard, and now her price tag is pushing $50. Get used to playing around Avacyn in Standard. And by that, I mean feeling completely dejected when your opponent passes with five mana up.

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