Insider: Infographic – Expected Value of an SOI Box

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On our weekly infographic we decided to offer our QS readers a new tool to help them better evaluate their financial choices.

Every time a new set is released most of us ask ourselves whether buying one (or more) boxes is worth the price. Aside from the pleasure of the smell of new packs or the entertainment granted by a draft with friends, today we try to analyze the expected value in a box of Shadows over Innistrad opened on release weekend.

Feel free to comment with suggestions or ideas; we want to give you the best tools possible to enjoy Magic and profit off it!

QS_201603 D SOI box EV_01

QS_201603 D SOI box EV_02


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Diego Fumagalli

I have played Magic since Revised edition, a hobby that has followed me my entire life. I recently started creating infographics and using data visualization--a great game deserves a great communication tool!

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