Eternal Masters Comes to Magic Online

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Tomorrow Eternal Masters drafts will launch on Magic Online, which I'm excited for from a draft format perspective, though apprehensive about from a value prospective. Packs online will go for $7 instead of the $10 for the paper product, though don't let that make you think you're getting a deal. The EV of a paper pack is acceptable, though the EV of a digital pack very low. Some paper packs contain $100+ foils. With regard to digital packs, well, here's the list of every card in EMA worth at least seven tickets:

Most of these are currently worth barely more, and you can expect these values to drop as the set is drafted. As is, these values are based on existing versions of the cards, and the EMA versions are sure to be worth less.

While I personally yearn for the level of competition that is generally only found in 8-4 queues, I'm thinking that the phantom swiss queues could be worth exploring for this format. A 2-1 record will break you even on Play Points, and a 3-0 will bring you from 100 to 150 and net you a QP. If you're winning a lot in the format, success in the 8-4 queues is solid value given the cost of a pack, though until that point you won't be able to lean on the value of the cards in the packs for much.

The draft format will be available through July 6th, and I anticipate doing a ton of drafts. My first foray into the format was a blast, and I can't wait to dig deeper.

Ryan Overturf

Ryan has been playing Magic since Legions and playing competitively since Lorwyn. While he fancies himself a Legacy specialist, you'll always find him with strong opinions on every constructed format.

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3 thoughts on “Eternal Masters Comes to Magic Online

  1. They really should have kept these at $4. They factor EV into the MSRP in paper. Why not online? Clearly they made a small concession going down to $7, but I fear most will just draft phantom because of cost. That’s where I’ll be.

  2. Alternatively they could have added a couple cards that are expensive on MTGO but cheap in paper (e.g. Misdirection and Tangle Wire) to increase EV and amount of drafting. Lost opportunity for MTGO.

  3. They really miss an opportunity and didn’t give an MTGO-focused person 2 hours to think about it and come up with the easy fix just mentioned…

    Maybe I should ask WotC if they are willing to spend few hundreds buck in consulting services in order to make thousands of $ back in no time?

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