Insider: QS Cast #38: Moving Forward and PT Kaladesh

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The QS Cast has returned and has now shuffled once again: Chaz Volpe, and Tarkan Dospil continue on with where the cast left off and in this episode they discuss the following:

  • Corbin Hosler has landed a new position with TCGPlayer. We wish him the best! At the same time, this means Corbin will no longer be a regular host on the show.
  • Pro Tour Kaladesh banter and considerations. No stone left unturned!
  • Interests
  • Revisiting Conspiracy: Take the Crown

We discussed the following cards for Pro Tour Kaladesh:

We also take a look back at Conspiracy: Take the Crown in the wake of Leovold, Emissary of Trest's price increase. We discussed Queen Marchesa, and Throne of the High City. We felt that Throne is likely a long-term consideration, but Queen Marchesa might be next in line after the other Commander Generals.

Recent MTGO League Results / Hareruya Results from Japan:

As always, please comment and leave questions for us to address on the next cast! We will be making QS Insider questions a priority, and we want to know what you want covered.

Enjoy! We’re glad to be back.

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2 thoughts on “Insider: QS Cast #38: Moving Forward and PT Kaladesh

  1. Sweet cast guys. Losing Corbin is unfortunate, but you both bring a good level of discussion and I enjoyed this week’s episode. Not sure about Tamiyo though! Standard seems very hostile to planeswalkers.

    1. Glad you liked it! Yeah, Tamiyo is probably the weakest of the cards we discussed in terms of validity.

      At the same time – it has been picking up some play recently, and does a better job than most other walkers at protecting itself and advancing your board state. So, I felt the need to at least mention it.

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