Stock Watch- Electrostatic Pummeler

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Energy is a pretty slick new mechanic, and it didn't take long for savvy players to pick up on the fact that it's just a fancy way to cheat on mana. I've seen plenty of absurd Whirler Virtuoso draft decks already, and that's not where energy shenanigans end. Aetherworks Marvel is turning heads in constructed, and Electrostatic Pummeler has surfaced as a possible sleeper from the set.

There was a lot of hype around Voltaic Brawler when it was first spoiled, though now it's looking like the Gruul aggro deck is less of a blunt beatdown deck and more of a combo deck that exploits energy. Brawler is definitely a feature, though Larger Than Life and Uncaged Fury have been the real bread winners in the decks that have been floating around. Electrostatic Pummeler plays the role of a card that can easily be out of burn range incidentally from energy that you pick up from other sources and then can punch through for 20, 40, even 80 trample damage with a Larger Than Life! Other notables from these decks are Blossoming Defense to give your combo creature hexproof and Bristling Hydra for more resilience against removal-heavy decks.

Electrostatic Pummeler was bought out yesterday from its former bulk price, though you may be able to find some cheap copies at your LGS or if you scour the internet. The inflated price will definitely stick temporarily should this deck be successful at the Pro Tour this weekend. Another card to pay attention to is the aforementioned Bristling Hydra, which has appeared essential to the Pummeler decks from what I have observed of them.

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