Deck Overview- Selesnya Tron

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Tom Ross has done it again. By now we should all stop being surprised when Tom shows up and crushes with a different Modern deck, though I definitely wasn't expecting Tom to be on Tron this weekend. Much less an innovative Selesnya build.

Tron doesn't care about the opponent's life total, which means that Razorverge Thicket and Brushland are both downgrades to Grove of the Burnwillows. To make this switch, you must be confident in the white spells you choose to play. In the maindeck, Tom just has three Path to Exile for this splash, which I accept as an upgrade over Lightning Bolt in this style of deck to beat decks like Infect and Death's Shadow Zoo.

The real upgrades come in the sideboard in the form of Rest in Peace and Blessed Alliance. I think that Tron has a fine Dredge matchup, and Relic of Progenitus and Gravedigger's Cage are easy includes in an Ancient Stirrings deck, but enchantments are tougher for Dredge to deal with than artifacts.

Blessed Alliance is definitely the more significant sideboard upgrade. Fast aggressive decks are bad matchups for Tron across the board. Gaining life and non-targeted removal spells are both exceptional against these decks. Tom's updates seem great, and I'm happy to see him take yet another Open down.

The last thing worth noting, is that cutting Grove of the Burnwillows for white lands significantly reduces the price of the deck. This build is much easier to ease into than Gruul Tron for new Modern players, which could cause some movement on the other pieces of the deck.

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