Stock Watch- Koth of the Hammer

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Many players were very surprised to see Skred Red take down a Grand Prix this weekend. Players seemed equally surprised when I tell them that the deck is at least as good as Merfolk, but I digress. Players are moving in on the deck, and we've seen growth in Snow-Covered Mountain, and now Koth of the Hammer

Koth was around $8 at the start of the week, and at this point that price looks to be more like $10 as copies disappear off the internet. Being a planeswalker, Koth has plenty of casual command, and Koth is a hallmark of red sections of Cubes. I would be happy to pick up copies of Koth as close to $8 as I can, as there is plenty of demand for the powerful planeswalker.

Further, I believe that the Skred Red deck is much more powerful in Modern than it is given credit for. It is true that many Modern decks have won Grand Prix, and that not all of them have been great, but I believe this to be a truly powerful archetype. Skred is at least on par with the power level of Path to Exile, and the new technology with Eternal Scourge and Relic of Progenitus is more than just a cute trick. Not to mention that you can never fully discount the Blood Moon players.

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