Insider: QS Cast #61: Vendor Series- Magic.Cards with Angelo Part 2!

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The QS Cast has returned: Chaz Volpe, and Tarkan Dospil continue on with where the cast left off and in this episode they discuss the following:

  • Esteemed guest Angelo Russo, owner of Magic.Cards/Universe Games joins the cast!
  • Discussion about Magic.Cards and Universe Games growth since last Podcast.
  • Meta discussion about Magic the gathering health, in addition to hobbies overall.
  • Exclusive discussion about new features coming to Magic.Cards!
  • Growth in the vendor space, why Magic.Cards leverages high buylist quantities.
  • Brick and Mortar growth with Universe Games
  • Utilize Magic.Cards Buylist - they take any card at most quantities!

We want to personally thank Angelo for joining us on the QS Cast! We can't wait for the exciting new features coming along for Magic.Cards customers.

We look forward to hosting Magic.Cards again soon!


As always, please comment and leave questions for us to address on the next cast! We will be making QS Insider questions a priority, and we want to know what you want covered.

Enjoy! We’re glad to be back.

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Chaz V

Started playing during Invasion block at the age of 13. Always a competitive person by nature, he continues playing to this day. Got into the financial aspect of the game as a method to pay for the hobby and now writes, Podcasts, and covers all aspects of the game, always trying to contribute to the community and create great content for readers and listeners.

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2 thoughts on “Insider: QS Cast #61: Vendor Series- Magic.Cards with Angelo Part 2!

  1. The cast was fine, but personally I feel the vendor series casts have been too frequent lately. Some of that may be my own bias against interview podcasts, but I can only take so many shop origin stories and discussions of buylist features (which aren’t nearly as important as retailers like to imagine anyway — price and quantity are king).

    More importantly, the vendor series casts tend not to include any actionable financial info or any discussions of specific cards (some have, but it isn’t the norm). Some of that has shifted to the insider-only casts, I guess, but it should be in the main cast that the public hears if part of the goal is to use the cast to promote QS.

    Anyway, my suggestion would be to mix it up. Do a vendor cast every couple of weeks, with more traditional casts in between.

    1. We have many vendors on our list to have on the Vendor Series. Our schedule is really based on when these vendors can give us the time to do so. It just happens sometimes that they’re in succession, and we really wouldn’t want to re-schedule our times and risk losing the opportunity all together.

      I do understand your point and we will make a note of it. But, do realize that sometimes it will just work out this way. There’s a lot that has to line up in the first place for these to happen. We will do our best to have actionable advice, but really just having these vendors talk about the market I feel is a bit more valuable than making “picks” all the time.

      Other finance Podcasts haven’t really had the lineup of vendors like this and we thought that was something we could provide that no one else.

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