Insider: Notable Exclusions from Commander 2017

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The Commander 2017 decklists have been revealed. Here's a quick list of omitted cards:

6 thoughts on “Insider: Notable Exclusions from Commander 2017

  1. Great list. Cryptic Gateway is not the easy card to use. Some decks can support it but many cant, I like Belbe’s portal and quicksilver amulet much more for that type of effect. Urza’s incubator is my pick, that can go in every tribal deck. I imagine that riptide laboratory will do well also.

  2. I was a bit surprised at Mutavault, considering the tribal nature of the set. However, after looking deeper into it, the deck lists would not hugely benefit from it imho

  3. So I decided to revisit this list to see how it performed. Of the 28 cards on this list, 17 of them have jumped more than a dollar. With many jumping about 4-6, and the big ones riptide laboratory $11 increase, mana echoes $20 increase, urzas incubator $10 increase, patron wizard $24 increase. A few exceptions, Mutavault and Cavern underwent normal variation without any real incrase, and although distant melody didn’t jump at least a dollar, its still 1.25 common so I would still call that successful if you picked them up cheaply. All in all great list. Once you you remove the lower quality picks like Brass Herald, and Stoneforge Masterwork for things like power level and print, this is list is an absolute home run. Great work.

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