Insider: QS Cast #77: Friends and Dinosaurs

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The QS Cast returns! Chaz Volpe, and Tarkan Dospil come together as the new panel – and in this episode they discuss the following:

  • Chris Van Meter joins the cast! @Chris_VanMeter 
  • Ixalan discussion, Iconic Masters, Magic Arena
  • Interests (Tarkan decides to leave in the wake of Thoughtseize reprint!)
  • CVM's new series: "Friendsday Night Magic with CVM" - @FNMwithCVM

Tarkan's thoughts (had to leave early):

Due to renewed interest in everything Un, i like Unhinged foils - Infernal Spawn of the Infernal Spawn. Johnny Combo Player. LONG TERM holds, these won't be reprinted.

RL- prices have corrected. But I think RL Foils are a good place to park $. I like Covetous Dragon

Non-IMA reprints: Scapeshift and Goryos Veng. Yep. Wouldn't be surprised to see $100 spike pre-PT.

Other stuff: ARENA not going to replace MTGO anytime soon. too much competition in the marketplace for it to generate enough "freemium" revenue to replace the platform. Also, no trading will keep that from happening.

Cards we discussed: CVM likes Vona, Butcher of Magan - fairly inexpensive Mythic with upside.


CVM's New Series!



Find us on Twitter: @FNMwithCVM @Chris_VanMeter  @ChazVMTG @the_tark

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Chaz V

Started playing during Invasion block at the age of 13. Always a competitive person by nature, he continues playing to this day. Got into the financial aspect of the game as a method to pay for the hobby and now writes, Podcasts, and covers all aspects of the game, always trying to contribute to the community and create great content for readers and listeners.

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