1. I use Its been pretty good except that sometimes they have an issue with screen names that have space in them. So ive contacted customer support once or twice, but I was able to get large quantities of tickets easily without the sales tax from wotc.

    As far as Arena, I’m one of those crusty old guys that just wants to play the decks I want to play, and not grind with some pile of garbage trying to earn cards. I play almost entirely commander these days, which I realize isn’t on the platform, but if they ever bring it to the platform I’m not looking forward to the prospect of grinding to get all the cards I need. Regardless, we should keep an open mind about the reception of Arena, and impacts that it may have.

    • I wholly agree Peter. I think my perspective on Arena is similar to yours and Matt’s. I see a place for both platforms. We’ll see what happens when Arena releases later this year or early next year. I’ll be paying close attention, and I’m going to start monitoring constructed and limited league participation numbers on MTGO more closely. I’ve been casually monitoring limited league participation numbers for the past year.

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