1. Great article, Brian!

    This is exactly what I’ve been doing, too: consolidating the value in my collection into Old School.

    Almost everything I’m not currently using is getting sold or buylisted for power and OS staples.

    I’m even looking at “can never have too many” cards like Fetchlands and going down to a playset of each for now. Better to move some cards around every once in a while than lose hundreds or thousands in value due to a reprint.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful content. Keep up the great work!

  2. Also don’t forget about us Commander players we need fetches too. We can survive without them a little better than other formats, but they really do smooth out the mana in your deck. I personally feel like even if they reprinted fetches in big fall standard legal set they probably wouldn’t see that much of a drop, since anything remaining 60 card players would get gobbled up by commander players. If for some reason they ever got cheap enough (which they likely wont) its gonna be fetches and crucible of worlds even in my mono colored decks.

    Just wanted to add that in. Great article!

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