1. Glad I went deep on History of Benalia, and Carnage Tyrant. Hopefully they pay off and go straight to $100 🙂 Might gamble on a few Teferi’s but we’ll see. In regard to Phoenix, I like that you pointed out that theres only 4 removal spells that deal with it effectively. On the other hand, I am little worried about its ability to coexist with Aurelia in the 4 slot. In my opinion I think the 2 red decks we’ll see are mono red goblins, and Boros agro. I think against control you probably side out Aurelias and go for a full set of phoenix, but I’m not sure which split you run against a non control deck. Ajani also seems very good in the 4 slot for Boros Aggro, so a little more competition there. I don’t think its a bad spec especially if you can find a good deal, but just noting that there is some competition at those CC slots. All that being said Ill probably pick up a few to avoid FOMO. Thanks for the article!


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