Daily Stock Watch – A Review of Cards that We Saved Ourselves From

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Hello, everyone and welcome to the next part of this week's special edition! I'd be on my first year with Quiet Speculation soon and if you missed out on the first two parts of this week's segment, you could find the first one here and the other one here.

Today, I'll be doing a post about the specs that spiked for a certain period but I wanted to stay away from for various reasons. It's like saving our chips before going all-in with a bad hand!

Everyone was stoked at the idea of BBE getting unbanned in Modern so it was actually a $3 card that was out of stock when I wrote about it. Stores refilled at $10 upon unbanning and I have to admit that I was wrong about the possibility of it getting unbanned, but I was also luckily right to tell you to stay away from it whatever happens. If you bought in at under $3, you're pretty much doing fine right now with some minor gains. However, I wish that you didn't go all out when it spiked because of its return to legal play or else you would be staring at some losses by now.

People were so high on this card when Energy decks were winning tournaments left and right when I wrote about it. I was already afraid of what WotC would do to the archetype because of its dominance so I wanted you to let go of your copies even at buylist price (around $1.20-$1.50 via Card Kingdom and StarCityGames) and rightfully so, Attune with Aether and [card]Rogue Refiner[card], two of the most unfair energy-enablers, was banned soon. Uncommons are very good candidates for penny stocks so if you went all out before the banning, you just saved yourself a couple of bucks.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope was pre-selling at $20 when I wrote about it and I wanted you to stay away from it because the card isn't as good as it seems. Even the Avacyn Restored version (pegged at $24-$28 back then and now sitting at $19) wasn't a good target for me and luckily for us, it was a card that really went down the drain (unlike Aether Vial which was also printed in the same set but still continues to see lots of competitive play therefore retaining its price) and we were able to dodge the speculation axe.

People are skeptic about cards that get reprinted (and for good reason they should be) but one that I kept my faith on was this card. Online stores were down to $6 on this card when it was spoiled and I was against the idea of selling it because it is still a good card for multiple formats. If you listened to me and didn't sell for below $10, you'd be glad to know that it's still a $10 card after everything has been said and done. Great red cards will remain good financially no matter what happens.

I never really liked this card and I still don't understand why this spiked so high and continues to keep its high price tag despite the almost moot demand for it. It was a $48 card when I wrote about it and I wanted you to stay away from it for personal and financial reasons alike so I guess you should be happy if you didn't buy in to the hype back then. This card is barely $40 nowadays and it should continue to dip lower since there's no actual need for it in an already absurdly strong UW Control deck.

Everyone was hyped that this card was included in A25 (myself included) because stocks of the Mercadian Masques version was very low prior to the reprint. A lot of players must have bought in at the pre-selling price of $45-50 but I was skeptic about it keeping the price tag so I said that we should only buy in even for personal use at the $30 range. It's now sitting at $25 and you would have saved yourself close to a hundred bucks if you waited patiently like me. It's still funny though that the price disparity of the older version and the latest one is that big. I guess it's important to keep OG versions of cards for Legacy and collection purposes.

And that’s it for this edition of the Daily Stock Watch! See you again tomorrow, as I continue with the second part of this special. As always, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below. And if you want to keep up with all the market movement, be sure to check in with the QS Discord Channel for real time market information, and stay ahead of the hottest specs!


Jamie Robertson San Juan

Rob has been playing Magic since 2004 and is a control player by nature. He was able to crack the top eight of the 2011 Nationals in the Philippines, and he has multiple Grand Prix top-64 finishes. He's a finance junkie nowadays, but he still dreams of winning a Pro Tour someday.

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